How it works

Design your dream
apartment together
with a prominent
interior designer

The apartments in De Hooch are offered inclusive of the services of a renowned interior designer: Kolenik Eco Chic Design, Wolterinck Design Studio, Framework Studio, &Prast&Hooft or TANK. You are free to choose one of these to work with. Based on your wishes and requirements, the designer will develop, in consultation with you, a complete design plan in which the structural work, materialisation, upholstery and furniture are determined. This enables you to stay fully in control over the way your home is turned into your dream apartment.

The (costs for vendor) price includes a budget for completing your home after handover from the project contractor. You can increase this budget if you wish. The work will be completed within six months after handover from the project contractor and will be overseen by a completion coordinator. This construction process offers you the ultimate, everything-taken-care-of opportunity to create your dream apartment.

Interior designers

Meet Your
interior designers

You’ll realise your dream apartment together with a prominent interior designer. Each of them has been involved in De Hooch’s development right from the start and is fully familiar with the possibilities for each home. It is our five interior designers’ pleasure to introduce themselves to you and give insights into their individual working methods, visions and philosophies. Assisted with floorplans and inspirational images, they each explain their style. Get acquainted with Kolenik Eco Chic Design, Wolterinck Design Studio, Framework Studio, &Prast&Hooft and TANK.


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There has to be a healthy balance between sustainability and high-end design.


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"We deliver the shell and the space: the soul and the sense of contentment comes from the residents."


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"An understated luxury of sturdy, high-quality materials is perfectly in tune with those who will occupy De Hooch."


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"In De Hooch, we see opportunities for pure solutions in which craftsmanship and quality are emphasised."


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"The spaciousness invites you to set up the interior in a big way, without getting the feeling of being lost in the space."